Polyethyene Mulch Film

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    Polyethylene Mulch Film is available in different colors and finishes as per the requirement of the quality of soil and type of crop. Made by using high grade plastic, this offers great advantage in faster growth of crops. In addition to this, it also locks moisture in the soil, thus reducing water evaporation. By blocking sunlight, the film stops the process of photosynthesis, result in no weeds.


    • Light weight
    • Smooth finishing
    • Excellent flexibility
    • Stops the weed growth
    • Protects the soil erosion caused due to rain
    • Keeps the humidity in the ground
    • Superior vapor barrier properties
    • Prevents water evaporation
    • Increases soil temperatures
    • Aids in faster growth of crops
    • Long lifespan
    • Curl free for easy application and removal


    • Excellent protective layer for soil
    • Aids in healthy and fast growth of crops


    • Agricultural farms

    MOQ - 2000 METERS