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    Red Mulch Film works on a simple phenomenon of absorbing light in the visible ultra violet and IR spectrum. It prevents the photosynthesis process, thus, preventing the growth of weed. The film has excellent property of affecting light, moisture and temperature for faster growth and development of crops. These are suitable for use in summer season as it blocks the heat from penetrating into the ground.


    • Can withstand maximum stress
    • Best to use in summer season
    • Multi- layered
    • High mechanical properties
    • Protect the crops against aphids and whitefly
    • Suitable for all crops
    • Control on weed growth
    • Reduces overheating for heat sensitive crops
    • Keeps the root cool by reducing overheating
    • Manipulate light, temperature and moisture


    • Controls weed growth
    • Protect crops against insects
    • Prevent penetration of heat into the ground


    • Agricultural farms
    • Horticulture

    MOQ - 2000 METERS