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    Our extensive range of Shrink Film presents an economical and excellent solution for packaging in various industries. Shrink film is basically a polymer plastic film which gets shrunk tightly on the application of heat. We have developed this shrink film using high quality LDPE raw material for assurance of excellent sealing consistency and high holding force, ensuring both safety and strength for the packed products. This offers complete protection to products against moisture, thus enhancing its shelf life remarkably. In addition to this, shrink film also offer excellent advantages in terms of resistance against UV rays and adverse environment conditions. These pose no threat to environment as the films can be recycled easily. Heat Shrink Film is extensively used in the packaging sector for quick wrapping of pallets, containers and other items. It ensures complete protection to the product against dirt and moisture.


    • Protects against moisture and High clarity
    • Excellent moisture barrier property
    • Good transparency and High strength
    • Suitable for packing heavy and bulky items
    • Ideal for fully automatic web lining machines and tight wrapping
    • Excellent protection to products and Anti- static in nature
    • Recyclable and Tamper evident
    • Can wrap varied shapes of containers and UV resistant
    • Excellent sealing consistency and high holding force


    • For packaging and labelling of soaps, candles, jars and small gifts.
    • Milk bottles and Beer and juice cans.
    • Newspaper and Match box bundles.
    • Construction material and Household appliances.


    • Marine industry
    • Engineering industry
    • Automotive industry
    • Fmcg Industry
    • Food and beverage industry
    • Pharmaceutical industry

    MOQ - 2000 METERS

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