Silver black mulch films

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    Silver Black Mulch Film is widely used in agriculture industry as a protection cover over the soil. Its primary reason for use is to modify the effect of the local climate. The use of plastic mulch in the film greatly affects the light and its impact on the crop development as it is responsible for creating both, heat and color. With the use of this mulch film, the soil under remains loose and well aerated, thus reducing the need of compaction.


    • Smooth finishing
    • Tear resistance
    • Transparent
    • Protective layer on soil
    • Chemical resistance
    • Modify the effect of local climate
    • Reduces irrigation frequency
    • Blocks the photosynthesis light, thus preventing the growth of weeds


    • Modify the effect of the local climate
    • Raise the temperature of the soil in planting bed
    • Promotes faster crop development


    MOQ - 2000 METERS