White black mulch films

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    White Black Mulch Film has an excellent advantage of manipulating temperature, light and moisture for optimum growth of crops. Suitable for use in summer season, these are excellent for all crops, especially heat sensitive as it offers light blocking for weed control and reduction in overheating. It works by absorbing light in the visible ultra violet and IR spectrum. In addition to this, it also blocks the heat penetration into the ground, thus keeping the roots cool.


    • Multi- layered
    • High mechanical properties
    • Can withstand maximum stress
    • Best to use in summer season
    • Suitable for all crops
    • Control on weed growth
    • Protect the crops against aphids and whitefly
    • Reduces overheating for heat sensitive crops


    • Eliminates weeds
    • Keeps the roots cool
    • Blocks the heat from penetrating the ground
    • Protects fruits and vegetables from direct contact with the ground


    MOQ - 2000 METERS